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Jessica Turner MS, LMHC,  CATP, CCTP-II, C-DBT

My name is Jessica Turner and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with 10 years of experience in the field. I have spent my time working with children, adolescents and adults exposed to Human Trafficking, Abuse, the child welfare system, behavioral and mental health issues. Since then I came to specialize in Complex Trauma and Child and Adolescent Trauma. It has been during this time that I have developed a passion for working with survivors of Trauma and helping them achieve a sense of resolution and security in their life. I have a passion of working with younger children to stop trauma at its roots and working with individuals who have experienced trauma throughout their life. Regardless of why you come to therapy, I will meet you where you are in your journey.


I earned my degree in Counseling Psychology in 2012 and since this time have continued to work on my education taking doctoral classes  

in Psychology gaining an understanding of individuals and how mental health affects each person differently. Currently, I hold a certification in Child and Adolescent Trauma (CATP) and am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Level II (CCTP-II). I have completed training as an Accelerated Resolution(ART) Therapist, which is useful in the treatment I do with trauma, depression, anxiety and more. I started my career working in a residential center where I had the opportunity to work with young girls both in the child welfare system and out, who struggled with significant mental health issues, had been subjected to human trafficking, and severe abuse. Often mental health issues included Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, Borderline Personality and Complex Trauma.


From there my career took me to working crisis where I experienced working with children from the age of 6 on up to the elderly population who were assessed for psychiatric hospitalizations. I worked with individuals on de-escalation and the utilization of their coping skills. During this time I also worked individuals struggling with substance use and began my career in co-occurring disorders. Understanding that substance use does not come without trauma and mental health, is key in helping an individual in maintaining their sobriety. Substance use is a lifelong journey that needs constant maintenance.

My career then took me into child welfare where I truly found a passion for working with children and families. It was at this point in my career I learned a lot about the effects of trauma at the early stages in life and the impacts it has as an individual gets older. The cycles that I witnessed families go through and the generational trauma I witnessed led me to my passion of working with trauma, especially working with children and trauma. I have worked with domestic violence victims and perpetrators, sex offenders (juvenile and adult), substance use, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse as well as neglect. Currently in my career my focus has been highly on children and adults with Complex Trauma, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, and Children behavioral issues.

My goal is to work with each individual where they are at as there is no correct way to do therapy and no one way that works for everyone. My primary therapeutic approach is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), but will at times incorporate other therapeutic approaches as I see fit to meet your needs. CBT involves learning to changing thinking patterns that are often seen with one's own distortions. We will work together to recognize the distortions creating a problem, learn coping skills to deal with difficult situations and gain and understanding of the behaviors and motivations of others. CBT also involves learning to change problematic behavioral patterns by facing your fears instead of avoiding them, learning to utilize mindfulness to calm and relax your body, and learn how to prepare for difficult interactions with others. 


My hope is that we work together as team to determine how I can help you challenge yourself to meet your own needs. We will individualize your treatment plan, because no one person's needs are the same. You are in the driver's seat of this journey and it starts where you are at. I enjoy watching as my clients gain understanding of themselves and gain the confidence and the skills to face each days adventure with new found perspectives and a new positivity.

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