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Matita Martin, MA, RMHCI

Hi there! My name is Matita Wilindez. I am a Master's Level Clinician. I have over 8 years in the Mental Health Care Field. I began my career as a Program Manager/Counselor assisting to highlight and accentuate the inner strengths and capabilities of unique diverse individuals with mental health disorders and disabilities.

Originally from Chicago, IL, I have worked with all age groups from child/adolescence, teens, and adults to the Golden agers that seek assistance to enjoy life at its maximum potential, defying self-limiting, or societal limiting belief systems. In doing so, I developed a Drama/Theater Arts club for clients to join and showcase their talents and strengths during special events and holiday gatherings for staff, family, and friends alike.

During my time in the Masters Program, I enjoyed interning at Hartgrove Behavioral Health Hospital where my focus was healing trauma, substance use and providing therapeutic services for clients with duel diagnosis in the in-patient setting. During my tenure, I would refer to my clients as clients instead of using the word “patient” to reduce stigma around mental health care and client needs. I connected with clients by explaining that everyone is diagnosable, and no one is their diagnosis. To reduce stigma pertaining to diagnosis such as Anxiety/Depression, I would assist the client in understanding their diagnosis, their natural emotions, and the concept of energy and how energy is utilized, manipulated, transferred, and may be controlled. For instance, depression with its many symptoms display lack of energy while anxiety is a build-up of energy in such case of the fight vs flight response which requires energy to adequately execute. Utilization of tools also known as coping skills is when there is a buildup of energy, what or how is the best way that energy can be used to improve you, your quality of life and the lives of others? … For instance, property destruction when experiencing anger which is a natural emotion vs property building or building up the self through self-care such as exercise or doing something as simple as a taking a shower or listening to music. In destruction one may lose much but in building/restoration, profits and good things are produced and gained to include higher self-esteem and improved positive self-worth.  

Eventually, I transitioned to become a Family/Teen Therapist assisting the out-patient population in community-based settings with recovery from trauma and substance abuse to reduce recidivism, improve communication to reach the goal of family reunification and holistic healing within the family unit.

As an Assessor/Therapist most of my time was spent assessing and providing hybrid therapeutic services to clients that were either self-referred or court-ordered by Probation/Parole/DCS. Many of these clients felt unheard, invalidated, under-valued and suffered from mild to severe anxiety, depression, trauma, substance use and homelessness at times. Many felt defeated and powerless over their life and circumstances taking a hard toll on their self-esteem, producing a diminished outlook on life.

The modality of treatment utilized is client-centered, power/strength focused CBT, with existential highlights or over/undertones depending on the client. I assist by meeting the client where they are on their journey of life and aide the client to tap into their own inner personal strengths and capabilities to focus on solutions rather than any actual problem/s one may face as every problem has many solutions and the many solutions reside within the self. 

 Furthermore, I work with the client to learn to control their thoughts and mind instead of allowing their mind and thoughts or the thoughts and voice of others to control them which plays out through one’s actions/behaviors. I also encourage clients to adopt positive self-thought and positive self-talk. Instead of thinking and saying I cannot, the client will learn to think to say yes I can.

My passion resides in providing validation through listening and empowering others through simple education, critical thinking skills and restoration of spirit and hope by enlightenment and elevation through the practice of holistic healing with the goal of uniting the mind, body, and spirit. Through this practice, clients are not defined by their diagnosis or symptoms that attribute to what society deems mental illness/disorder. This not only gives clients a voice but restores their power in self to manifest their dreams and achieve what seemed to be unreachable goals with the facilitation of alignment while unveiling and discovering one’s true nature, calling and purpose in life. Life is indeed a fairy tale and dreams do come true. All one must do is persevere to chase them and follow through.

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